Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flea Marketeer Party! Recent Favorite Finds

The Flea Market Style Magazine Blog is hosting an "I'm a Flea Marketeer" party. I am posting a little early since I go to work at 6:30 am. Be sure to see the fun posts from other Friends of Flea Market Style over at their website after you finish reading here. Thanks to them for linking back here too, both on their Friends page and for this party!

Since Paul sells antiques (check out our Ruby Lane Shop linked from the sidebar - he lists new things each week), there's always a good excuse to shop. Selling is fun because there is always something even more wonderful around the corner. But it's even more fun to keep things for a while until (if ever) I am ready to part with them!

Recent keepers include this adorable old German Porcelain Pig milk pitcher, dressed like a Monk with his keys and his cowl. He probably dates from the turn of the last century, 1890s to 1910ish. Why yes, I do have a small collection of figural animal pitchers, and he is my new favorite.

Another collection that kind of crept up on me is World War I and WWII Homefront memorabilia, and other keepsakes from WWI. This candy tin features a portrait of King George V of England, and was made as a Christmas gift in 1914 from the Cadbury company to the wounded soldiers and sailors in hospital. Paul brought it home recently and I batted my eyes until he turned loose of it. Ok maybe that doesn't count as *my* find but it is my keeper! :-)

Our church had a rummage sale last week and I bought an antique "Taylor Storm-O-Guide" Barometer, dated 1927. I have been keeping my eyes open for one since I started getting interested in traditional weather prediction a couple of months ago.

What makes this particular one extra special is that it used to be in my house. The woman who donated it to the rummage sale used to live here and had it during that time (More about the history of our little house in a post later this week).

I bought this English cutting board at Ricochet Antiques, my favorite shop in town. The verse woodburned around the edge is called "The Lancashire Poacher". The little mouse in his hunting gear, with his shotgun and sack is also woodburned. Only three words to decribe it:

Do you have favorite finds you want to share? Come join the party! Post over at Flea Market Style, and do feel free to post your link on Pecan Corner here as well!


  1. Cool finds! I loved reading about the history behind each piece... thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tina...I LOVE the little mouse dresssed to hunt on the cutting board! And the pig milk pitcher is fabulous! It would be my new favorite, too! Happy week!...Debbie

  3. What a great story about the barometer! You were lucky to have it returned to your home where you can enjoy its history.

    Thanks for joining the party!

  4. Love all your finds - the cutting board with the mouse is my favorite!

  5. It looks like you found some pretty terrific items. I love the fact that you were able to pick up the original barometer that was in your home before you moved in, pretty sweet.

  6. Love the Cadbury chocolate box for the soldiers during the war! It is so pretty and yet so evocative of a strange and terrible time in history. I live in England and I've visited the Cadbury factory where that box would have been made. That's a real keepsake!!

  7. How unique ... love the War memorabilia, I've never seen anything like it before ... thanks for opening my eyes to something new!


  8. The cutting board is adorable as is the milk pitcher. His body language is hiliarious. Great finds!

  9. Very cool finds. They are very unique! I love that you can go out and a bunch of different things that are "you" and they all work together. Well done!

  10. That pig is a riot! So whimsical, I love it.
    So nice to meet you! Love your blog!

  11. Wow what very cool finds. The Flea Market Party is such a neat way to find new blogs.


  12. Thanks everyone for stopping in, and it is so nice to meet you all. I've another busy work day today but I will come visit each of your blogs over the next few days. :-)

    Have a wonderful day!




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