Thursday, March 3, 2011

"The Wisdom of Palin": Common Sense Leads to Firm Ground

Courtesy of Texas for Sarah Palin, comes a compelling excerpt. Here's just a hint:

"Over the course of the last couple years, Sarah Palin has written or spoken on just about every matter facing us as a nation, and in each of these, reveals that her choice, is the simple, common sense one. There's no need of complex policy papers, or "complex, theoretically driven schemes" to solve any of them....."

Go see the rest. Then read the complete article "The Wisdom of Palin" by weholdthesetruths.

This paragraph points out the consistency of Sarah Palin's approach to governance. Sarah's responses to questions, events and solutions are grounded in the solid bedrock of American Ingenuity, American Optimism, and premised on protecting those fundamental tenets of American Exceptionalism: the God-given rights of every person to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This consistency is filled with common sense that allows her to focus on next steps and adjust her stride at any point to account for the unexpected without being thrown off course. Because her center of gravity is secure, we can be confident in her balance. And we, the ordinary sharp smart adaptable People Yes, can follow her with ease - because her path is our own natural route.

Not everyone is capable of seeing where she is going, though. Those who can't generate their policy on yesterday's events until they get today's poll results aren't able to predict Sarah. They keep trying to reclaim the past, while she sets her course for Tomorrow. Her feet are on solid ground. But they've chosen to stand on sifting sand.

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