Saturday, June 25, 2011

America Called - It's Time For Your Run, Rick Perry.

Like Mrs Palin, Rick Perry is worthy of our forefathers - he holds true to all the best values that keep America strong and great as the land of opportunity and leader of the free world.  I could have sworn I saw a mention somewhere recently (will link when I find it again) that Sarah Palin had met with Perry to encourage him to run for President. (UPDATE I still can't find the link. Perhaps I dreamed it?) Ah well, if it were true, that would be consistent with her strategy as I understand it:  to restore America we must elect representatives who are citizens first and politicians only tangentally.

  He would be a meaningful and legitimate candidate for the highest office in America. Beholden to none, putting the country's best interests first, accepting his authority as a citizen, and taking responsibility himself instead of passing the buck.

If Rick Perry runs, he will not only capture the nomination, he will be our next President. A president who would represent ALL Americans with integrity and backbone.

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