Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And So it Goes in Shreveport: "Priorities"

Pat Austin proves once again just what an awesome blogger she is with her post about Governor Perry's response to the Texas wild fires that are raging across the beautiful, native, Texas Hill Country; raging through the gracious Pineywoods into Louisiana and into Arkansas, raging through the Post Oak belt that runs all the way up into Oklahoma (which is suffering too), raging through the prairies where the Red Wing Blackbirds fly.

Go over to And So It Goes in Shreveport, and see the terrifying pictures Pat has put up to give you just an inkling of what is happening to our state.  God bless our governor for having his priorities in order: lives come before politics, before money, before anything else.

God bless Texas.


  1. I can't bear to look.

    Texas has been very much on our minds hereabouts as many places are suffering 500 year floods--entire villages just about washed away. We have so much been wishing that we could send Texas part of our water. It would be plenty to put out your fires.

    Still praying.

  2. It certainly has been a year of fires and floods hasn't it? The flooding has been awful, so many having to leave their homes. We had to evacuate when we lived on the coast and gosh that was nerve wracking. I'd never had that experience before: trying to decide what to load in the car and leaving everything else we owned to Providence. We've been praying for the Northeast in church too. We know the Lord will bring good out of all this, and will all be glad when His good time comes round again.



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