Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Speech Worthy of History

Who says there are no statesmen today? One of my favorite bloggers, "Quite Rightly" of "Bread upon the Waters"  (also linked from my sidebar) has embedded Michele Bachmann's speech in which she gracefully steps out of the primaries and back into her role as an elected member of the House of Representatives. Mrs. Bachmann's speech is the stuff of which history is made.

Opening with a reminder that we are "encompassed by a great cloud of witnesses" who've worked throughout hundreds of years to forge American Liberty, Mrs Bachmann reminds us what is at stake, and what we have to lose - and why we must all stand up - stand up - for our God-given, inalienable liberties as embodied in the United States Constitution.

Go listen to it all. It's a beautiful speech, given flawlessly and with heart. I think perhaps it is much the same speech she would have given had it been made under different circumstances, because it is simple truth.  Hearing it inspired me, and it is a speech worthy to be remembered.

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