Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Civic Literacy Quiz

Via The Pitty Pat Pages, an interesting Civic Literacy Quiz from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Click here to take the test.

While I lived through some of the events used to illustrate the questions (Sputnik went up the year I was born), most of it is basic Civics of the kind we used to learn in school, from elementary through high school. The kind of factual definition & simple history that has not been taught in a long time.

Hate to brag but I scored 100% on it. There were questions among the 60 that gave me pause, though, and required a bit of a shuffle through the old filing system in order to choose the correct answer.

There were also a few that might be worth drumming into a few heads in Congress: such as what our inalienable rights actually are, and how they are guaranteed by the Constitution. Especially since one of the findings was that people who've held elective office scored more poorly on the exam than the general public!

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