Saturday, February 15, 2014

First Amendment Quote of the Day - February 15, 2014

"But [the Obama] administration’s actions have too often contradicted Obama’s stated intentions. “Instead,” New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote earlier this year, “it’s turning out to be the administration of unprecedented secrecy and unprecedented attacks on a free press.”

"The [Obama] administration’s war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post’s investigation of Watergate. The 30 experienced Washington journalists at a variety of news organizations whom I interviewed for this report could not remember any precedent. "

          "The Obama Administration and the Press" A CPJ [Committee to Protect Journalists] special report by Leonard Downie Jr. with reporting by Sara Rafsky.  October 10, 2013

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