Friday, May 20, 2016

Where Does The Trump Way Lead?

Bill Quick, over at Daily Pundit, has started a fascinating discussion about Donald Trump's ultimate goals as President, and how he might approach them.

"...I have to believe Trump was entirely aware of all of this before he announced his candidacy, and his efforts since have taken all that knowledge into account, and guided his strategy – which is far broader than merely running for President – every step of the way.
"But where does the Trump way lead? ...
"....What happens under the two terms of President Trump will be the rest of the story.  That’s the part where the rubber hits the road as far as Making America Great Again.  That’s the part where he breaks the power of the oligarchy, after destroying the ruling party tools they created to express that power in the political arena."

The musing about how he might do that is on-going in the comments - go over and see. Join in with your own thoughts.

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