Sunday, June 5, 2016

San Jose PD Tips On How To Survive Mob Attacks

They will not protect us. The police in blue city after blue city have shown they will refuse to prevent mobs from assaulting innocent citizens who have a normal reason to be where they are. This past week, it was San Jose California law enforcement. San Jose Mayor Liccardo hosted an event for Hillary Clinton the week before, so I guess he thought that meant she had "dibs" on ol' sanctuary San Jose. And the Chief of Police just came right out and said police feared if they defended the people getting beat up, it might make the mob "turn on the officers"... so they didn't.

I am working on a post for tips about how to stay safe when attacked by violent mobs, because I can't seem to find a good article about it. But in the mean time, the San Jose Police Department and Sheriff's Office did give us clear examples of what they do to avoid being assaulted or injured when attacked by a mob aka "protesters".

Despite a mob so predicated on violence that dozens of peaceful ordinary citizens were assaulted, beaten, brutalized and made to fear for their lives for doing the most ordinary thing there is in America, law enforcement was able to get through with only one minor injury and a claim of "four arrests"!

AND, thanks to their sharp thinking, no members of law enforcement were egged, brutalized, spat on, chased down, punched from behind, had their clothing ripped off their backs, had to run for their lives, were kept from entering safety by armed badged men holding the doors shut, or had their cars rocked and pounded. That only happened to decent citizens.  And no, they did not 'deserve' it.

Obviously, the police in San Jose know something the rest of us need to know.

I'm no expert. I know nothing about personal protection or defensive manouvers. But since the SJPD are and do, I carefully reviewed a number of different videos to find some practices the San Jose Police Department used that look to me to maybe be effective in protecting and serving the innocent citizenry too:

Model the San Jose police: Back to the wall - Notice all those San Jose Police lined up against the buildings? The ordinary citizens under attack were often trapped between law enforcement and the mob, effectively protecting the police from the angry brawlers. I think this is the same man who was earlier surrounded by a bullying mob and finally reached "safety".

Model the San Jose police: Stay together .

Model the San Jose police: stay inside and bar the doors until "somebody else" disburses the mob. This brave woman refused to bow to the brutality, and went from door to door to find away in. Police watched from inside and refused to open the door for her until men in suits showed up and signaled for them to do so.

Model the San Jose police: victimized groups can maintain a tight defensive circle that protects all in it from being isolated and targeted.

Model the San Jose Police: There is safety in numbers. Be sure there are more of you than of the mob.

Model the San Jose Police: Keep moving, together, away from the crowd and away from the most chaotic areas. Oh look! At the end of the day, the Sheriff's Deputies finally take down a protester - but he was far away from anyone.. hmmm... OH now they are taking down a protester holding a Free Speech sign who also does not seem to have done anything and was not near anyone...  I wonder if these were among the 4 arrested?

Model the San Jose Police: Wear a uniform, helmets and carry shields. Maybe we all need a hard hat! All the videos seem to show that men in suits and ties are ignored by all protestors.

Model the media: carry a big camera. People in America, citizens or visitors, understand to treat media as neutral parties. Even the bad guys want it on film.

Model the San Jose police: be a group of BIG, fit, strong men, with a military bearing to influence mobs to prefer conversation to physical confrontation. You will still need to stay together, and instead of the police-issue nightstick, normal people can carry a big camera. Here are some guys doing a good job of all of that.

And at the end of it all, of course, there's always "Crime Stoppers":
"San Jose police are asking anyone with information about physical assaults at the Trump rally to contact their Assaults Unit at 408-537-4161 or "311". Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 408-947-STOP (7867). Persons providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect may be eligible for a reward from the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers."
One Adam 12, we miss you.

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