Thursday, August 4, 2016

How Many Of Us WOULDN'T Ask "Why Can't We Use Nukes?" When Faced With Some News Stories

Keith Koffler's White House Dossier (GREAT blog, BTW) reports (with video clip) that Joe Scarborough cited an "anonymous source" while repeating a rumor that Presumptive President Elect Donald J. Trump asked an "unidentified" "foreign policy expert" why we can't use nukes in some "unnamed" "non-disclosed" "hour long" "policy briefing".

 Funny, I’ve often asked that question myself. If I had a bonafide “foreign policy expert” to hand when reading some of the reports that make me ask that, I would probably ask it out loud, and look expectantly at them for an answer.

But first, I would ask why Susan Rice tried to stop UN troops from going in to stop the Rwandan Genocide, and why Susan Rice asked, as the slaughter continued with her full knowledge, “”If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?”

Then I would ask why Samantha Power’s motorcade hit and run killing of a little boy on her recent “Humanitarian” tour of Camaroon did not result in charges being filed against her and her security personnel who told the driver to keep moving because it “wasn’t safe” to stop.

Finally, if I had a “foreign policy expert” to chat with, I would want to know why Obama and Kerry (and Clinton before them) sent an abortion-activist social worker in as the Lead Negotiator on the Nuke Deals with both North Korea and Iran.

After that, yeah, I would probably want to know why it is we can’t use nukes. British and American POWS at ground zero in Japan, and Japanese citizens of the cities who survived the blast and initial aftermath, lived to be very old – in their late 70s and older, one into his 90s. One of those, when asked if the US was right to bomb Japan, told The Telegraph ” “I am so pleased they did,” said Mr Housego. “We never thought the war would end. The Japanese soldiers were ruthless; they were quite prepared to fight forever and die doing so. Millions more would have died if the government wasn’t forced to surrender.” [Little known fact: The US warned Japanese citizens of the impending attacks by dropping more than 5 million leaflets, and broadcasting every 15 minutes for days in advance]

The "Radio Show Host" was unclear about who what when where why or how, but he was positive about HOW MANY TIMES Mr Trump allegedly asked the question.  Scarborough also failed to get any info on whether the "unnamed" "foreign policy expert" ever answered the question, even after being asked THREE TIMES.

I know if I ask someone a question three times and they don't answer it, that usually means they don't know or are ashamed of the answer.

So if the exchange even happened at all, and wasn't just some goof pranking Mr Scarborough, maybe the expert wasn't much of an expert but is sort of the "foreign policy expert" version of the "Ben Rhodes, fictional national security expert".

We live in crazy times, when the antagonists against intelligent thought now want to ridicule ordinary questions.

*Most of this post was first made as a comment on White House Dossier.  After sleeping on it, I decided to share it further, with appropriate links.

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