Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who said Owls? Hatching a New Collection

I've been on a bit of an owl kick lately. I didn't intend to collect them and will not admit that I do (so, family, please do not be buying me owls, because I have all I am going to have (and besides I only like certain ones)). But I have almost accidentally acquired a few really cute ones.

This pitcher is not marked, but I am guessing it is English, and probably dates from the turn of the last century or thereabouts. Maybe a little earlier. They look at you no matter the angle at which you view them. It was for sale in our shop for long enough that I couldn't stand it any more, and well, I mean, it's blue and white... flow blue, even!

This owl is Belleek, made in Ireland, with a green mark. He is a vase, and matches perfectly in our bedroom. For whatever reason, this little owl vase is not nearly so pricey as most Belleek.

Who could resist this little Beswick guy? Neither could I! Of course, he may end up being a sort of "cross collectible" because gosh now I keep thinking about one of Mrs Tiggywinkle.

This one is marked "c1988 H.D.C. Miller", and is numbered on the bottom. I don't know anything about this little sculpture of a brownie (I think he is a brownie, might be an elf or gnome - or even a leprechan with his red whiskers. where is my Field Guide To the Little People?) wearing an acorn cap for a hat, and his friend the owl sitting next to him. Isn't it sweet? If you are familiar with this artist, please share what you know!

Funny isn't it? How you pick up things you like from here and there, and one day realize you have a grouping of them. :-)

PS I nearly forgot: if you go here on eNature (link to the main site is on my sidebar), you can listen to the calls of many different kinds of owls, and learn more about the real birds.

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