Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And How Cold Were The Winters?

Oh doesn't that snow look nice and cool right now? This is from February. We had so much snow this past winter - and so many cold days! It was one cold winter. We knew in advance that there would be snow, thanks to the Texas Winter site ( txwinter.com - linked on my sidebar)

Texas Winter is the hobby website of a Texan who enjoys meteorology and has a keen sense for prediction. It can be a real challenge to get reliable winter weather information for Texas. We have multiple climate zones and squillions of micro climates. The Farmer's Almanac does a good job generally, but it's too general to help us. So it is great to have someone who lives here really focus in.

Plus, it's intriguing to learn more about different kinds of scientific weather prediction. Because Texas Winter is the work of an individual enthusiast, it's even more fascinating to me.

Go check them out - all the posts are there from 2009/2010, and they've just announced they are going to predict the winter again this year!


* Title is from what are known as the "Quaker Questions", an exercise in exploring the development of faith:
Where did you live when you were a child, and who lived with you?
How cold were the winters, and how was your home heated?
Who was the warmest person in your life when you were a child?
When did you first know God as a warm Being, and how did this happen?

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