Monday, December 13, 2010

Look Up! Shooting Stars in the Western Sky in the Wee Hours

Nick called and reminded me tonight> Set the alarm for the Geminid Meteor Shower: the article says the shower will peak about 5 am Central time tomorrow morning (Tuesday December 14) with up to 100 shooting stars per hour.

If you are a night owl, best viewing will be after moon-set (midnight or after).

Thanks to University of Texas' Stardate Magazine for the photo and information. We visited the McDonald Observatory once and it was a wonderful trip. Located in the Davis Mountains, with nothing to do but wander through the beautiful countryside. Devin was not even two at the time and he talked about looking through the telescope for years after.

According to Peter Freuchen, the Eskimos of Greenland used iron from a meteorite to make knives with - they had no other access to metals before trade was established. A sharp edge is essential for life in any wild environment, and the Greenlanders depended, like all arctic peoples, on animals for survival. Permafrost prevented mining so the meteorite was literally as well as truly a gift from Heaven that improved their lives.

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