Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flood Watch: Louisiana

Pat Austin at SIGIS is in Shreveport, away from the flood zones, but is keeping the watch and posting roundups of information on the cresting waters of the Mississippi River, including the work the Army Corps of Engineers is doing, the preparations the people are making, and the human determination in the face of disaster.  Pat has a series of posts up already that can keep you up to date with reliable sources.

Bobby Jindal shows his mettle as a fine leader who is having to make terrible decisions. It's remarkable what a difference a good governor makes in preparing for the inescapable.

To all of you in Louisiana, we hold you in our prayers. May God keep the people and the land in His hand throughout this ordeal, and give you stamina, and good hope.

 Photo: one we took coming across the Mississippi Bridge between Mississippi and Louisiana last year.

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