Monday, May 30, 2011

Mrs Palin Goes To Washington

Heh. Gotta love the Drudge Report's headlines:


"Media confused..."

Texas For Sarah Palin has Mrs. Palin's dispatches from Mount Vernon, and, of vast importance, the National Archives. When we need to know the truth these days, it is essential to go to the source documents and read them for ourselves, rather than relying on fifth-hand interpretations. Our Sarah seems to agree when she says "These are nonpartisan, valuable historical tools we all need to see, read, and absorb to learn the truth about our past, so we can move forward successfully."

Read it all here.

God bless the woman. She doesn't have to run - I'd love to vote for her but she doesn't need to - her greatest power is the innate and inalienable power every American Citizen shares: the power to govern ourselves via the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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