Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Prefer Posting to My Blog, But Facebook is So Easy.Would it Be Good or Bad to Bring the Sharing Experience to Blogger?

Just thinking out loud here.  

I joined Facebook in order to see the photos my children post, and I have to say I love many things about the medium - especially how helpful it is in connecting to distant people we love: cousins, nieces & nephews, former co-workers, kids who grew up with my kids, in-laws from a former marriage, etc.

But I end up using Facebook for things that would otherwise be blog posts - because it is so FAST to "share" on FB as opposed to writing a post for the blog. So I share anywhere from 10 to 20 things a day, and when something breaks like the Harry Reid connection to the Bundy Ranch BLM Fiasco, I put everything on there instead of popping the links in here.

But unlike Blogger, where we can consider a topic in depth and people can continue to refer to a post and the details, links and resources within it for years to come, on Facebook these stories are impossible to find again two days later, all covered up or hidden, and completely unsearchable.

 Twitter is not really an option for me. It takes me a hundred and forty characters to say hello.  And that, too, is a fleeting format.

So what I am really trying to figure out is how I can bring that speedy sharing over here to the blog without getting bogged down in trying to write a full post for each.


  1. Yes, yes, yes...yes.
    I got off facebook, and haven't been able to consider the idea of taking on the full work of a blog again. If someone could design an interface that was network-y and a quick share like facebook only with a few more blog-type posting capabilities that would be a pretty good thing indeed.

  2. I knew I couldn't be the only person wishing for this! And if you and I are thinking about it, someone somewhere probably has a little template or bit of code that will help us do just that. Now to find it! :-)

  3. Thank you for your article on Clorox....I thought I was losing my mind....Do you know where to find the OLD clorox....I'm really surprised with Clorox if ever we needed the OLD Clorox it is now, with so many unknown disease and infections in this world...

  4. Hi, you are so welcome. So far as I know, we can't buy old chlorine bleach any more. :-( There are some "even newer" types that include instructions for making a disinfecting solution but they use a LOT more bleach to actually disinfect than the old kind needed. For plain disinfecting, I've begun using Hydrogen Peroxide, the 3% solution sold everywhere. I do not know if it is as good as bleach used to be but it does kill mold and mildew, along with germs and isn't poisonous (at least not in the ways or strength I use it).



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