Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Maybe They Didn't Eat Enough Grass!" - Quick Comment on those "Public Lands" in Arizona

When it was first announced that the BLM was standing down in the Bundy Ranch Roundup, my comment was a quote from the movie The Milagro Beanfield War, in which a cow is impounded by the BLM, and the owner goes to collect it.  Ruben Blades, as the Sheriff, resolves the standoff by saying "Maybe she didn't eat enough grass!"

One bit here that isn't getting much play is that public land is not owned by those who hold government jobs, it is owned by the citizens of the US. Any taxes or fees collected continue to belong to the citizens, and not to bureaucrats or even elected office holders.  All citizens hold equal authority to determine rightful use, and to access these areas. And the only correct resource government workers have to challenge that is the lawful method of the courts.

"The government" is not some entity like "the King" in Europe that has right of its own.  That concept does not exist at all in America or in American law.  The whole point of the USA's Declaration & Constitution is that the citizens hold all of the rights, and the government exists only to protect those inalienable rights of the citizens, and do the will of the citizens under the law. Period.

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