Tuesday, August 19, 2014

News from the Front: APIII% Team on the American Border, Assisting Law Enforcement

This is Matthew Leber, Public Relations Officer for the American Patriots III% in the video, interviewing the US Border Patrol officer.  Mr Leber is a retired Special Forces veteran, a friend of our son Ethan, and on the up-and-up. The APIII% team is working directly with official border agencies and law enforcement to assist them in any way they need. They are a law abiding, responsible organization with an effective purpose. These guys are still protecting us, on their own time now, and they need our support.

There is a good profile of the American Patriot the 3% organization on the SHTF Journal. Founder Scot Seddon had this to say about their current mission protecting America's southern border:

SHTF Journal: "What do you see as your mission at the border and do you think you can complete it with the resources you have?"
Scot: "Our mission at the border is outreaching to border agencies and work together with them. Being we cannot detain people at the border so we use comms to call in grid coordinates to assist the border Patrol. Funding has been made possible through the APIII Paypal account. The mission cannot be completed without the financial help of our APIII Patriots. Without that, the mission goes belly up as we do not have any fed funding. We do need more resources."
Scot:  "APIII is not a Militia. We are in the security business with combat veterans that work hand in hand with border patrol. We have close affiliations with Arizona Border Recon as well in the effort to secure the border. Everything is done legally, and with the consent of local LEO agencies. "
Be sure to go over and read the whole interview.

May God bless and keep them and all those they work with. 

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