Saturday, September 13, 2014

Remember David Haines.... But Especially, Remember Fabrizio Quattrocchi: "I'll Show You How An Italian Dies!"

Today, the muslims that call themselves ISIS have killed another hostage. As we mourn David Haines, murdered by islam, we are wise to recall that this is the habit of our enemy. 
10 years ago in 2004, muslims in Iraq were killing off hostages one by one. The name Fabrizio Quattrocchi should be taught in our schools, and honored on our calendar. April 15th is no longer just Tax Day, but it is also the day Fabrizio Quattrocchi showed us how to stand up to evil. 
From the article at The Daily Mail
" As the last seconds of his life ticked away, Fabrizio Quattrocchi defiantly removed the hood placed over his head by his killers and shouted: 'Now you'll see how an Italian dies.'
"They were his last words. The militiamen then shot the 36-year-old ex-soldier in the neck at point-blank range. Mr Quattrocchi was one of four Italians forced to stand alongside a shallow grave dug by their captors, who then selected him at random for death. "

At the Blog Just One Minute, a quote from NRO:
April 26, 2004, 8:31 a.m.
Moments of Truth
Fabrizio Quattrocchi lived fully — to his last moment.
By James S. Robbins
Thucydides wrote about war in order to study man's character. Conflict brings out both the very best in human nature, and the very worst. The two often emerge simultaneously.
Witness Fabrizio Quattrocchi, 36, a baker from Italy who went to Iraq to work as a security guard for a contracting firm. He and three other Italians were taken hostage by al-Katibat al-Khadra, the Green Battalion, who demanded that Italy release some of the Muslim extremists they are holding, and that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi apologize for statements he made that allegedly insulted Islam. They showed the hostages on video, and threatened to kill them if their demands were not met. To demonstrate they were serious, they took Quattrocchi to a field, and had him dig a large hole. They then put a hood over his head and forced him to kneel by the grave, preparing to murder him. But Fabrizio did not cooperate. He stood and tried to pull off the hood, shouting, "Now I'll show you how an Italian dies!" The terrorists shot him in the back of the neck. Al Jazeera, which obtained the videotape of the killing, chose not to air it, saying it was "too gruesome." Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said, Fabrizio "died a hero."
Tell your children. Tell your grandchildren. Tell them about the great bread baker from Italy, who went to fight evil, and who refused to bow to their despicable false god. And because of that, the good Fabrizio Quattrocchi lives in Heaven forever, the guardian angel of brave children everywhere. 

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