Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Fate Of The World": Bernie Sanders' Supporters Can Help Save The World From Hillary Clinton's War-Mongering

"President Obama claims "The fate of the world is teetering."

I hope that Bernie Sanders' supporters will consider voting for Mr Donald Trump, or for one of the other genuine candidates such as Jill Stein. This election should have been between Senator Sanders and Mr Trump, but the elites conspired with Hillary against Bernie, just as on the Republican side our own party is still trying to stop Donald. I have friends who voted for Bernie, and I think we have in common the deep understanding that America needs new leadership that will represent people instead of "donors".  While we may disagree on some policies, we come together on others, and we absolutely share the same urgency to stop the corruption in government (in both parties) and extract America from the careless war-adventuring that is causing such anguish.

 Both Bernie and Donald share a goal to get America out of the FIVE foreign wars that Hillary is lurching to expand and escalate. Both also share the goal to take care of Americans (see Donald's position papers on his website - the media ignores them, but he has good positions on all issues facing our nation and people).

 Donald Sensing writes on his blog:
"President Obama claims "The fate of the world is teetering." Well, Green Party candidate Jill Stein would certainly agree. She said a few weeks ago that a President Hillary Clinton will just continue to attack and bomb other countries: " Under Hillary Clinton, we could slide into nuclear war very quickly from her declared policy in Syria."
"Even the UK's The Independent chimed in: "Could Hillary Clinton start a World War? Sure as [snip] she could – and here’s how.
"And then there is this: "Don't trust Clinton to avoid stupid wars: The world she had a big hand in making as secretary of State doesn't look very peaceful." In 2010, things in Iraq were so peaceful that Joe Biden was bragging that the administration’s Iraq policy would be “one of the great achievements of this administration.” In 2012, with Clinton still serving as secretary of State, President Obama bragged about “ending” the war in Iraq, which would be news to the thousands of U.S. troops fighting there today. 
"Then there’s Libya. According to The New York Times, Clinton played a "critical” role in persuading Obama to topple Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. This led to what The Atlantic''s Conor Friedersdorf calls her ”failed war in Libya.”
"The fate of the world may indeed be teetering, just as Obama says, but it is teetering all the more because of the last eight years of his administration and very much because of Hillary Clinton's role in it."

The disaster that is Syria is almost wholly on Clinton's shoulders.  In 2012, Hillary Clinton turned her wargaming on Syria, angrily "predicting" that "a coup would take down Assad" after she failed to get UN support for the Islamist rebels, and setting out to make it happen with a plan for the US to arm and train them anyway "with help from a neighboring state", and despite a dire warning from Henry Kissinger "that an intervention [in Syria] would imperil the foundation of world order.

Which, we now see, it has done.

Please vote. There are three other candidates to vote for, and your vote for any one of them is a vote against corruption, against criminals in high places, and against Hillary Clinton's terrifying bad judgment.

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