Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No Truce With Quislings: NeverTrump Still Trying To Poison The Truth

The guy who writes at "Posse Incitatus" blog is, for all the rebellious name of his blog, normally level headed - as in "a normal person" along with "usually".

But he has HAD IT with those who've set themselves in opposition to President Trump.

In a post titled "This Stupid Business About Bannon Is Why Never Trump Must Be Destroyed", he writes:

"There is nothing new here, just the usual "people are saying" crap mixed in with the "have you stopped beating your wife?" style questions being thrown at the Trump camp.
"What's new is that Conservatism Inc. has decided to join the witch hunt.
"I'm old enough to remember Jonah Goldberg angrily denouncing this game, but now he's down with it.  The reason is of course that National Review hates Breitbart.
"Breitbart has been an oasis during this election season, a source of constant inspiration and amusement.  Naturally the left wants it dead.
"So does Official Conservatism.  You see, unlike National Review, Breitbart is actually gaining readers rather than losing them.
"This is why Never Trump needs to be disposed of immediately.  They have shown that in addition to being traitors during the election, they are happy to serve as Quislings after it. "
Bingo.  President Trump knows this better than anyone. To accomplish his goals, he will have to use every bit of cunning that God has given him for this job.  Expect him to keep his every plan close to the vest until after the ink has dried on his bold John Henry and the action has already been accomplished. 
And in the mean time, we can't believe a single word written by any person who was not a solid, early champion of President Trump.  Especially the National Review and avowed NeverTrump ilk. If they say the sky is blue, go verify it yourself - and still assume they  have an ulterior motive for telling it. 
The links on my "dynamically updated" sidebar are all to people who supported Trump actively or at least offered truly balanced coverage and can write about him fairly without throwing in lists of perjorative adjectives at the end of every paragraph.   Daily Pundit, The Last Refuge, Don Surber, The Diplomad 2.0,  White House Dossier,  King Jester's Blog,  William M Briggs, Vox Popoli,  Stephan Molyneux, Drudge Report, Sharyl Attkisson,  and Chronicles Magazine are all solid sources of genuine facts and pull-em-up-short rebuttals. The others are reliable as well. 

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