Friday, August 28, 2009

McCoy Frogs on the Porch

This collection of McCoy Pottery frogs and turtles started when we were in Midland. Paul brought me in a Turtle Waterer and I displayed it in the kitchen on the little A&J stove (that stove was Mema's - it was like the one she and Nandy had in their first place together. It is currently out in the garage). At the beach, I added to the collection and lined them up on the screened porch.

How can I keep them outside in the weather and unprotected? Because... they are all damaged or broken, chipped or cracked! :-) They still look adorable but have so little value that I don't worry about them. I just do "like the English and turn the broken side to the wall". It's perfect really because I can enjoy them so much more outdoors than inside.

PS The stand they are sitting on was also Mema's: it was originally used in the dental office she worked in for Dr Peterson. When he retired and sold his practice to Dr Osborne, she went to work for him. He renovated the office and this was one of the things she kept.

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