Monday, August 31, 2009

Putting Up Figs: Homemade Fig Newtons

One thing I am always looking for is ways to use the pickles, relishes and preserves, jams and jellies that we put up when canning.

It's rather late in the season, but if you still have figs (or access to them), here's a good recipe I found. You could use fig preserves instead of fresh or dried figs, because by the time they are cooked, they pretty much are exactly like preserves. I started with fresh ones, and cooked them down, but in the winter I will use my fig preserves.

It is sort of like a Fig Newton, but the dough becomes a bit more like pastry than cake.
I'll just post the link and you can go there to see the recipe:

One note about the recipe: the "soak in water" part mentioned in the recipe is only for dried figs. Do not do this with fresh ones. The photo below is figs cooking in sugar - no water added.

Be sure to let the dough chill the full length of time or longer. It is a very tender dough, and it helps to roll it out on a pastry cloth - especially the top crust. I still had to pat it into place gently.

Spread the cooked figs (or fig preserves) onto half the dough, then cover with the over half. Don't worry about getting it tidy. By the time you cut into squares it will be fine.

Never wash your rolling pin if you can help it. Water is very bad for the wood, and also removes the "seasoning" that helps it develop a very smooth finish that dough won't stick to. Just take a clean towel and rub it clean.

Cut into rather small pieces, as they are very rich. These were a big hit with everyone who tried them. They also store nicely and are good the next day.

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