Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boutique Abortion: Some Terrible Truths Within Fertility Treatment Today

 Before we talk about the newest nightmare trick in the abortionists' toolkit, let me say this:

Any woman who was beguiled or deluded into having an abortion and now recognizes the magnitude of what she has done deserves loving, forgiving and restorative care. She deserves to have her anguish respected, her grief understood, and finally, her tears dried with compassion. She deserves to know Jesus forgave her the moment she first asked Him to, and that everything really can be ok again.

And any woman or girl who has had an abortion in her youth because she felt she had no other choice and still believes she had no other option because of the way things were at that time, I will not condemn or judge. There are things we know now that we didn't know then. 


But there are other kinds of women out there:  there are those for whom abortion and children are interchangable as style choices, prioritized on their 5 year plan for social enhancement.

Politicaljunkie Mom's post "Infanticide by any other name: The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy" shares her just and righteous outrage over the events revealed in an article that opens the door on a particularly modern evil insidiously referred to as "twin reduction" and "reduced gestation".

A New York Times lifestyle feature interviews an assortment of affluent women who had fertility treatments resulting in successful transfer of fertilized eggs (in some cases, with donated eggs) so that they became pregnant.

With twins. And had abortions against one of the twins because twins didn't fit their vision for motherhood.

"Undergoing reduction to a singleton".  Each woman must have thought their narrative of rationalization  sounded sane, civil, and sustainable when they were dreaming it up in the isolated hothouse of their social hierarchy.

In truth, the stories they tell are terrifying and grotesque caricatures of motherhood. Poles apart from nurturing, these are tales of  I want, of  I control, of  "I alone".

Haunted by legitimate and healthy guilt for taking a life, the women deny culpability and instead ascribe their feelings to others: blaming "outsiders", "the stigma" against boutique abortion, "lack of support", fear of "being treated with disdain". They "resent" being "rebuffed" by ethical physicians who refused to abort one twin, and don't want to "feel the sting of their judgment".

What is it that can cause a person to declare it is better never to have been born, than to risk "becoming a second-rate parent"?

It must be a terrible thing for a woman to be so lacking in empathy as to think it better to deny life to an infant so she can hide from the world her unwillingness to be his mom, than to bravely carry the child to term and allow an eager and loving family the joy of adopting him.

But before we despair, read the comments. No less than nine pages of comments show that in this matter, even solidly "Pro-Choice" women understand the wisdom of Solomon, and see the pathology these females confuse with sophistication.

In fact, the almost unanimous revulsion of the commenters, who persistently begin by saying they 'support legal abortion but', is a very hopeful sign. It indicates they are seeing and opening their minds to think past the creed recited by rote.

In general, these commenters are like most people who think legal abortion is something necessary in an imperfect world: their support has come from a desire to be caring and kind. But in the case of "twin reduction", the commenters see this "choice" for what it is. They discover there are limits to their support. And when the chips are down, they do the right thing. They choose to stand on the side of life.

Aug 13 UPDATE:  Rachel Abrams comes down hard against the atrocity of "twin reduction" in her blog post "Mengele Lives! (In the Pages of the New York Times)" .  And she points clearly at the intentional dishonest use of euphemism as a primary tool in the furtherance of evil:
" That “needle into the other one” is a legacy bequeathed to the editors of New York Times, to their authors, and to their readers by the great heroine of feminists, mother of Planned Parenthood, and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, by way of Josef Mengele. The casual, unquestioning linguistic capitulation to it is a kind of depravity, and not fit to print. "

Read it all here.

End of Update.

A note in closing to whomever it may concern:

Oh Honey, if you have had an abortion, and in your heart of hearts you now understand, you CAN be forgiven and pardoned.  You need not hide this shame forever. (And you do NOT have to make it public: do not confess to your husband or your children unless they already know - speak first to a counselor, or biblically faithful minister or priest.)

Your baby in Heaven loves you and forgave you long ago. Everything instantly became all better from the moment you asked God to forgive you. Our Father is that Good to us.

Sometimes a heart has to be broken open to release all the love that's in it to pour out onto the people who need us.

That's why Jesus came and died for us - so that it CAN be ok again. There will come a time when we will understand, and we will see then that all this suffering will prove to have been worth it.

YOU are worth it. Jesus loves you, and you are precious. ""Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart ..." You are STILL that person, and God STILL has a plan for good in your life. Your future is essential to our good world, and you can come out of where you've been, into the joyous sunlight.



  1. Excellent post--just added it to my reader feed. And thanks for the link. More people need to understand this happens.

  2. Much appreciated, pjMom. This is a whole new component to "the debate" and yes, the more daylight the better.



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