Saturday, August 20, 2011

President Obama Overrules Law, Tells Illegals "Come Get Your Green Card"

President Obama has an interesting approach to the law. He seems to believe he can tell people to just follow imaginary laws he makes up instead of actual laws approved by Congress.

So, since Congress has refused to pass a law allowing foreign nationals extra special rights when they commit crimes like murder and rape in the USA, President Obama tried to tell the Supreme Court they should force Governor Perry to follow the imaginary law that the President thinks Congress should pass.

And now, since Congress has refused to overrule Clinton's 1996 law and refused to pass an Open Borders and Amnesty for All law (aka "The Dream Act" and "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"), President Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder have just taken it on themselves to implement imaginary law  and stop deporting illegal aliens unless the person persists in killing people after being told to stop, or made politically incorrect comments that offended the Newsweek subscriber.

And here's a secret preview of the President's new Jobs Jobs Jobs speech from the AP: All the illegal aliens who aren't deported get to apply for a work permit!  The President's answer to the jobs program is to import 11 million new workers! What do you bet that he will then claim these as "new jobs created"?

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection writes: "While you weren’t looking, Obama passed immigration amnesty"

"He didn’t pass it through Congress, even though he had overwhelming majorities for almost two years, because there were not enough votes.  He also didn’t do it by regulation, because that would take time and be subject to public comment and other messy procedures.

"Instead, Obama simply has issued an internal policy not to deport illegal aliens other than those who have committed some other serious crime....

"This was no mere internal operating procedure or prosecutorial discretion.  This was a political decision which came only when the political process had failed to produce the results Obama wanted.  Even if you support the substance of the decision, it should worry you that we have a President with such a low regard for the political process."

CNN says the White House is playing politics and hoping no one will notice by picking Friday afternoon in late August right before the President leaves for his vacation, to announce an order they gave in June

Just in case you aren't old enough to remember what the Democrat Party used to be, and how it used to support the distinction between lawful and unlawful actions, here's a link to some of Congresswoman Barbara Jordan's testimony before the House when she headed the United States Commission on Immigration in 1995, which also found that immigration of unskilled immigrants comes at a cost to unskilled U.S. workers.

The President is obviously ignoring the testimony of experts such as Dr Frank L Morris, Sr, who outlined to Congress in 1995 the adverse effects of uncontrolled immigration on employment of citizens.

The fact is that less than 15 years ago, Congress DID pass "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" and President Bill Clinton signed it into law: "The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996"

It's a good law, or would be if it were being enforced. We don't need a new law : we need new politicians and agency leaders who are willing to enforce the law we have instead of pretending and making up  imaginary ones.

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