Monday, July 4, 2011

A Tale of Two Criminal Aliens

President Obama's Administration wants Governor Perry to halt the upcoming execution of a unanimously convicted rapist murderer, who's been through the appeals process, without any new evidence questioning his guilt...  because he is an alien and citizen of Mexico.

The United Nations says this murderer ought to have been told that he could see the Mexican Consul when he was arrested for the brutal rape and murder of 16 year old high school girl Adrea Sauceda of San Antonio.

Murderer Humberto Leal has lived in the United States since he was 2 years old.  He was convicted 15 years ago

But the United Nations and President Obama's Administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, want Governor Perry to give him a second chance because of a treaty our federal government has signed that would give aliens even more rights of appeal in a death penalty case than our own citizens on our own soil - in violation of US Supreme Court rulings that deny foreign law or treaties any jurisdiction in this matter.

His execution date has already been postponed once on this claim: Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton have had an entire year to ask Congress to pass the law they claim to want but Congress wisely chose not to even introduce a bill during all that time, so now they want to use it for a PR stunt.

So which is it? Where did our laws go? What happened to predictable governance?

Why is Jose Antonio Vargas, an admitted criminal illegal alien, still living and working in high profile and claiming he is "special" because he has been here since he was 12 and therefore should get all benefits of living in the US - without any of the responsibilities - just because he wants to?  We're supposed to believe he is smart enough to win a pulitzer prize but not smart enough to apply for a green card?  We're supposed to believe that being a Journalist  is a job American Citizens don't want to do?

American Citizenship - FULL citizenship, with complete and sole allegiance to the United States of America and no other country - matters.  Who is it that calls on us to ignore the laws of our land and give greater freedom to people who ignore those laws, than to our own citizens who have followed the law and continue to do so?

From this vantage, perhaps many of those calls are coming from people, interest groups, and countries who are looking out for their own self interest and not for the good of the United States or its lawful immigrants and law abiding citizens.

Update: Linked in an expanded article @ And So It Goes in Shreveport. Thanks Pat!


Update July 7:  Humberto Leal was executed this evening, after the Supreme Court affirmed its previous decisions that International treaties have no impact on State Law in the United States. He took full responsibility for his crime during his final minutes.

May God give Audrea Sauceda's parents peace, comfort, and relief from the torment of their grief. They have suffered a long time.  

God have mercy on Leal's soul, and comfort those who loved him, as well. He needed to pay for his crime, and he recognized this in his final moments.


  1. Thank you Pat! Happy Independence Day! :-)

  2. Ladies, y'all rock!!!! I'm beside myself right now and pray that Perty stands tall because I would suspect, regardless, that the "legal" immigrants of Mexico who are here, along with us, would want him to do so.



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