Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Fair Lady: Support Your Local Theater

What's playing on the little theater stage in your town this week?

There are amazing hidden talents in our friends and neighbors, and we don't have to watch America's Got Talent to see it. The next person we speak with in any local business is very likely to be able to dance, write, sing, command, heal, paint, compose, design, speak, run, bat, build, perform, or act so well it would leave us speechless. The person next door, down the block, around the corner, is a suprising miracle.

If next summer you find yourself in Texas, in proximity to attend the Brownwood Lyric Theater's Summer Musical, by all means make the effort and go!

We saw My Fair Lady last week and it was WONDERFUL.

This is Paul's favorite musical. The book in that photo up there came out of our bookshelf. So, on the one hand, that made it a must-see production, on the other hand, he was a bit nervous. We know there are a lot of talented people in the area - we saw Fiddler on the Roof last year. But this is the middle of rural Texas after all, and the British accents are crucial to the story.

They did a fabulous job. The acting from the entire cast was top-notch. The music (solo, choral and orchestral) was perfect. The choreography was down pat. The directing was worthy of Broadway. The costumes were magnificent. The accents would have fooled a native Londoner.

We were both so pleased and delighted! It is noteworthy that Paul was impressed, because in his earlier life he did summer stock (The Lost Colony) and actually lived in New York City, working on off-broadway shows, for a while. So he has been immersed in professional theater - when he gives praise, he knows from personal experience what it is he is applauding.

I am no expert, but I know that there were times during the performance that I forgot I was watching a play and became completely caught up in the events on stage.

And the $10 ticket price made it the best bargain around.

We are so constantly exposed to the most sophisticated entertainment there is. Via television, movies, and dvds, any night of the week we can watch the greatest actors in the world, see the most cutting edge special effects, hear music recorded and mixed with the most exacting sound equipment.

But there's still room to be charmed, delighted, entertained, and even swept into a spontaneous standing ovation by our own neighbors, teachers, shopkeepers, administrators, cabinet makers, as they share their amazing talent in beautiful live events like this one. You have to be there to experience it.

So! What's playing in your town this week?

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