Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jubilee Week at Victory Life Church: Live Streaming Broadcast

One of the churches we attend hosted a "Community Prayer and Praise Service" a couple of weeks ago. This Community Prayer is held each quarter at different churches each time, and the prayer focus is on our immediate local area. It was a powerful service, attended by so many people from other churches, or who do not go to church each week.

There was no sermon, and those who came forward and led us in prayer were not preachers, but citizens and members of the professions for whom we prayed. A policeman prayed for our First Responders: police, firemen, EMTs. A school administrator prayed for our superintendants, teachers, principles, janitors and maintenance staff, cafeteria staff and others who run our schools. A married couple who own a business prayed for our local businesses, for the mall and shopping areas, for the economic health of our county. We prayed silently with each, and when the service ended, it was over.

Such services are held in most cities at some time during the year. If you do not go to church, this kind of service can still be a wonderful experience. And if you do go to church, this kind of service is something very different in purpose and function from your regular services.

Duane Sheriff Ministries leads several congregations in Oklahoma and Texas, and has a free (completely free - no shipping for US orders) CD and DVD ministry. We attend one of the congregations. If you are interested in hearing the real word of God for yourself, Pastor Duane's message is new and honest and straight from the Bible. But it is like nothing you may have heard before.

The church begins its annual JUBILEE week tonight. It is starting right now, at 7:30 PM Central Time. If you would like to listen in to the LIVE cast, go here:

Click "Watch Live" from the navigation bar and select "Live Fullscreen".

If you come to this page later, there are also options for podcasts and earlier messages.

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