Friday, July 15, 2011

The Forgotten Budgets

Commenter "John Galt",on a Belmont Club thread, reminds:

"There are two budgets right now. One, the House passed and sent to the Senate. The Senate has not acted on it. It’s been sitting in the Senate gathering dust for months. (In other words, the Republicans who run the House did their job.)
The other was Obama’s budget. The Senate voted it down 0 – 97. That’s right, not one Senator, not even one whacked out liberal Senator, voted in favor of Obama’s plan.
Senate Democrats have not produced a budget in over 2 years. (in other words, the Democrats who run the Senate refuse to do their job.) "
(Go here to read the whole thread: “This town ain’t big enough for the few of us…"

The "news" moves so fast it is wise to remember our recent history. Otherwise our opinions are not opinions at all, but mere immediate brain-stem impulse reactions to flickering lights and clanging cymbals.

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