Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Tea Hatred": The Left's Reaction When Faced With Honest Politicians

In "Tea Hatred", Christopher Taylor rounds up heretofore-unimaginable quotations from the bizarre wilding mob that is speaking for the Democrat Party these days, then analyzes just why the progressives' communal reaction is so extreme.

His post opens with a solid reference list of dozens of outrageous statements by people who've dropped any attempt at pretense. There's also a marvelous snippet about the good character of the House Freshmen, and you can read it all at Word Around The Net.

When he gets to the meat and potatoes, his concise description of the tea party phenomenon is right on point - and both parties need to pay attention:

"And this was a major miscalculation by the Democrats, as I've written about in the past. They thought America loved them and their leftist extreme ideas in 2006 and 2008. They were wrong: America was sick of the Republican overspending, overextending the government, arrogance, and not listening to the voters. So what did the Democrats do when they got into power? Became even more arrogant, insulting the voters, expanding the government even more and spending even more. Finally the ordinary voter said "I've had enough, it didn't work to throw the GOP out of office, here's where I draw the line"

"And out came the tricorn hats, the Gadsden flags, the hand-made signs, and the grim determination to change it all. And that drives the left berserk."

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