Friday, June 6, 2014

Ethan's Lone Protest Spreads: Camp Pendleton SATURDAY AM June 7, 2014. Will You Let This Man Stand Alone For What Is Right?

This is a quick post to get the info out onto the net. I will update about the protests and media coverage frequently - please check back, as Google doesn't seem to index changes to post titles. UPDATES at bottom of the post...

Will you stand alone for what is right? You don't need a group, or a plan, or permission. You just need a sign, and the courage to stand. For an hour or a day. Whatever YOU have. Stand.

FIRST: There will be a Lone Protester outside Camp Pendleton's front gate tomorrow morning Saturday 6/7/14 at 0900. Will you let this man stand alone?  Bring your own sign and water. Come stand up for what is right. Stand up for an America that rescues captives and does not pay ransom or tribute - or unlawfully release enemy leaders to return to the field.

If you are on Facebook, please join Ethan's group "America's One Voice" to track the latest developments in real time. Since he opened the group yesterday, it now has 277 members and is growing.

Second, here are some of the news reports of Ethan Arguello's protest.  A massive debt of thanks goes out to Mathew Leber of  American Patriot The III% South Carolina Chapter , who showed up to stand with Ethan, filmed the event (thank heaven, because he caught the altercation when the Sgt Major took Ethan's cover and left with it) and then delivered the footage to local area media this morning.

This one is from Ethan's home area in west Texas, Midland / Odessa's NewsWest 9:
"Soldier Swap for Taliban Members Has Midland Veteran Protesting on East Coast Every Morning"
  There is video and a written story at the link.

This one is from the Savannah GA channel WTOC. The title is misleading as it was not Ethan who "got into an altercation" but see the footage and read the story:

A video report from WTOC:
Former Marine protests soldier swaps

And here is WTOC's story from the Sgt Major's bond hearing on the assault and battery charge:
I am sorry for that. The Sgt Major lost his temper - failing to recognize Ethan's peaceful act was standing up for HIM as well as all other active duty -  and did something he should not have done. Ethan had to stand up for himself and for free speech, but I hope this part of this episode will be quickly forgotten. 

UPDATE:   Good opinion piece about this on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children:
Parris Island senior Sergeant Major assaults former Drill Instructor

UPDATE 6/6 9:46 PM  Ethan's Lone Protest was picked up by Nashville TN station WSMV TV :
Former Marine protests soldier swap

UPDATE 6/6 10:18 PM  WTOC's original story was picked up by online version of Fox5 affiliate KVVU Las Vegas NV:  Former Marine gets into altercation while protesting outside of Parris Island

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