Sunday, June 15, 2014

US Embassy in Baghdad Surrounded: "Too Late Alamo"; Obama Golfs, Takes Selfies with Costumed American Indians

06/17/14 UPDATE:  Susy Raybon reports "Special Forces troops at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad" but notes that, even though her source reports these troops were cleared for entry to the compound, there is no confirmation whether these are American or Iranian.  Click through the link to read her entire article.

06/15/14 Original Post:

The Examiner is reporting that the American Embassy in Baghdad is surrounded, and phone and internet communication has been cut off.  The article says, in part:
"A three word text was released from inside the Embassy about six hours ago: “Too late Alamo.” That message is open to interpretation.
"Examiner's Note: This Examiner has personal contacts within the walls of the embassy. Those contacts will remain anonymous for their own safety. More information as I am able to get through"
Please go to The Examiner to read the full story. Susy Raybon is reporting.

At yesterday's protest in Anaheim, both Iraqi and Egyptian Christians showed up in their own protest: they are also calling for President Obama to resign.

Meanwhile, the American President enjoys a long weekend vacation, of golf in Palm Springs, playground of another, kinder, gentler, Rat Pack.

He and Michelle also stopped in to watch an American Indian Flag Day Pow-wow in North Dakota - his first visit to "Indian Country". He bemoaned high unemployment, and proclaimed that: "'Every American, including every Native American, deserves the chance to work hard and get ahead,' the President said, adding that young people should be able to live, work and raise a family on the land of their fathers and mothers."  I  SWEAR. That is a direct quote from the UK Daily Mail.

 850 people live on the 2.3 million acre reservation he visited. Perhaps he plans to employ them in warehousing the armies of his Illegal Alien Children's Crusade until he can figure out a way to give California back to Mexico.  If I were a member of this band of Sioux, I would start building a defensive fence as soon as his shiny black fleet of roaring automobiles leaves.

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