Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ethan's Protest Grows Legs - and Boots On The Ground: No Negotiation With Terrorists!

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This is a pretty moving interview. Ethan has been a staunch and reliable friend to his Gold Star families, and in fact recently returned from visiting with a couple of them while on vacation. He has traveled to speak at memorial dedications, and holds these people in his heart, loving them and honoring his brothers' memory. So this is "the real Ethan" when he speaks about those mothers and dads.

Ethan Arguello continued to stand and protest this morning, back in his normal place on the road at Bluffton today. A nearby business has been encouraging him and is happy with his presence. He is averaging about 11 "honks" a minute, which is pretty strong. The American Patriot 3% are still standing up as well.

Another man joined the protest today, standing outside the gate at the front of Camp Pendleton, and he plans to spend his next Saturday standing up for what is right.

A third man posted to the America's One Voice Facebook page that he and his group protested today as well, and had a strong positive reception.

The story continues to get picked up by additional media.  Weasel Zippers did a good, well-balanced story:
Marine Confronts Protester Against Bergdahl Swap at Parris Island

The full text of the Live 5 News story, with a good quote from Matthew Leber of the AP3%,  is here: Former Marine protests soldier swap

Business Insider has two versions of the story, both of which note the reason for the protest, and the longer one links directly to Ethan's personal Facebook page:
Top Marine In Charge Of The Marine Corps' Boot Camp Accused Of Assaulting A Protester

The San Jose Mercury News put the story on their "California News Today" page: Video: Parris Island Sgt. Major scraps with former Marine protesting prisoner … – BizPac Review

Free Republic posted the story yesterday (come on guys, please give the focus to the protest!), and the comment thread is still hopping today:
Parris Island senior Sergeant Major assaults former Drill Instructor

The destination site Conservative Voices featured the video today:
Video: Parris Island Sgt. Major scraps with former Marine protesting prisoner swap outside base

We are all focused on moving back to the real news - which is that the release of enemy leaders during ongoing hostility is unacceptable and should not happen again. We want RESCUE, no ransom of captives.
This is why men and women, including my son Ethan Arguello, are standing up, alone if necessary, around the country, holding signs in peaceful but firm protest.

Please consider taking part. Make a sign and Hold it up. Ethan's sign says  "Americans Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists".  What will your sign say?

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