Monday, September 7, 2009

The House of Black Doors

All of the interior doors in our house were painted black when we bought it 2 years ago. It looked cute with the colors the former owner used but didn't work for us. I've painted walls, painted woodwork, but kept postponing tackling these doors.

What finally got me started on the massive job of priming and painting both sides of 13 doors? (Yes, 13 - like many old houses, I think we may have more doors than walls!)

The oil based primer and paint I have been using for all of our woodwork made me sick the last time I used it. Never before, but I guess I must have "overbreathed" or something.

So I despaired for a few days: how on earth was I going to get finished? Then I gave up and decided to use latex high-gloss enamel. I took my old paint down and had the latex mixed to the exact color of the oil based, and bought Kilz 2, a latex version, as primer.

It is amazing how much making that decision and switching to so-much-easier water-based paint relieved my mind. That was the trick to motivate me to start in on this project.

Today's latex paints are so very good, especially if you prime. They go on smoothly, and hold up well even to being washed. I'm so glad to have an alternative available! And I must admit the ease of use has made the whole project so much more enjoyable.

It is slow going but now I have them all primed (2 coats), and can start the final paint this week.
After that, I have only the ceilings, and cabinets in our bath, and new color for the kitchen cabinets, left to go as far as painting goes. And, really, all those can wait until I feel like doing them. :-)

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