Thursday, September 3, 2009

Organizing a Chest-type Freezer

I am so thankful to have a freezer again! We had one for many years, and it made it so much easier to feed our family of 3 boys! It was by far the single best tool for saving money and living well on a budget that we could have had.

We decided on a chest-type, which we have not had before (our other was an upright). I put it in the laundry room, and as Paul pointed out, it is handy as a folding table.

Now it is full of sirloin-on-sale and blackberries and okra and bell peppers! And I haven't a clue how to find anything in there.

We are having chicken for dinner tonight because I couldn't find the pork steaks.

So our next mission is to figure out how to organize it. Baskets? Boxes? Maps? Surprise Stew every night? Oh dear....

Update 09/08/09:  Here's how I ended up solving this: "How to Organize a Chest type Freezer, Part 2"

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