Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage Photos: Child Actors in Mexican Costume

Aren't these little actors wonderful? No, they aren't family (although that little girl does remind me of Frances except Frances is not that old!). These photos date from the turn of the last century... the 1890's to maybe as late as the Nineteen "teens".

I love the way the children's costumes show off three different elements of traditional Mexican culture. ¿mismo dulce, sí? (What does that say, Valerie? I cheated and used Babblefish. ;-))

The photos are mounted on cardstock (as was customary in the era in which they were made - and this is one element used to help date them) and are fairly large. We sell a lot of photos but I also have a small collection of those I am just not ready to give up yet. These little siblings are in that category.

I've never been one to want lots of photos of the family, and I don't have many photos out on display. I guess in part it is because it makes me miss those so much more than I always do already.

Vintage images, though, of people I never knew, enthrall me as little slices of life captured to show us that human nature does not change. Fashions change, customs change, but the reality does not.

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