Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Last of Summer

There's been a change in the air all week. Autumn is coming. Paul mentioned this morning that the days are already getting shorter. Around the blogosphere people are talking about it. Perhaps it is just that school has started, that September 22nd will be the first day of Fall. It seems early though. Especially for Texas.

Well I think we have waited long enough to eat the last watermelon from my garden! We have really enjoyed these melons, and they were so easy. I put down plastic, and cut holes for the plants, so no weeds. They didn't need much water either but when necessary, I just stuck the hose under the edge of the plastic and let it soak.

I learned by pure accident that the easiest way to eat a watermelon is with a grapefruit spoon. The pointed end cuts into the melon and slides right between the seeds.

If you haven't seen one, the bowls of grapefruit spoons are narrower than tea spoons and are shaped sort of like a teardrop.

It makes a world of difference - plus it is so nice to have a second reason to use grapefruit spoons!

And right now it is time to celebrate the last of the summer foods with this lovely yellow meated watermelon.

Bon appetite! :-)

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