Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Illegal Aliens From Middle Eastern Countries Entering US at US/Mexican Border

Pat, at And So it Goes in Shreveport, has an important post about the activities of Middle Eastern Islamic terrorism groups using Mexico as an entry point to the United States.

She links to a video of Reporter Justin Farmer of Atlanta, GA, and a United States Congressional Report from 2006:

" The report also reveals the route taken by the Middle Easterners from Europe to the tri-border region in South America. Then they learn Spanish, trek to Mexico, blend in with other illegals and come on in.

" Farmer reports on several terrorists seen in the U.S., in the Atlanta area, who likely came in from the southwest border, it is believed."

The situation of illegal immigration is not what it once was, and you will have a better understanding of some issues after reading it all.

Before clicking on the link to the Congressional report ""A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border" in Pat's post, please be aware that it contains photos and details of brutality which are wholly unsuitable for teenagers, young mothers, anyone under stress or sensitive.

Very recent incidents of similar horror continue to be reported frequently by Mexican media and news agencies in the border areas.

This report is from 2006 - the year Congress passed the Secure Fence Act. As you watch and read, remember that Janet Napolitano has cancelled the Fence project. How she got the authority to just "cancel" an Act of Congress I do not know.

Our Government Leaders also ceased enforcing any of our immigration laws in April 2009, when an "infuriated" Napolitano "blasted Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and ordered a swift investigation into the [arrest of 28 illegal aliens working in a Bellingham, Washington Engine factory] because it violated Barack Obama’s promise to the influential “La Raza” movement—that undocumented workers won’t be arrested."

There are many new (as in "invented along with Too Big To Fail in the past 10 years) issues surrounding immigration today that may change your mind if you have been. like I was, still feeling more compassion than concern. As a starting point to learn more, with lots of links to reliable information, my previous posts about illegal immigration are [ here ]and [ here ].

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