Monday, May 24, 2010

"So, Hamlet, How Long Hast Thou Been a Grave-maker?" Dan Akroyd meets Nick Arguello

So I was thinking whether to blog about Nick's handshake with Dan Akroyd at Twin Liquors in Austin, and then Instapundit went and blogged about Ontario banning Akroyd's Crystal Head Vodka. Heh. What a great excuse to make Shakespeare puns...

From the Globe and Mail article: (italicized items added - they are lines from "Hamlet")

"Are you afraid of this vodka? ..."

Is not parchment made of sheepskins?

"Crystal Head Vodka’s distinctive bottle shape looks remarkably life-like, a curiosity you’d expect to see in a droll chiropractor’s office. Or maybe that should be remarkably death-like, because that’s the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s interpretation."

...why may not that be the skull of a lawyer? Where be his quiddities now, his quillets, his cases, his tenures, and his tricks?

"In a stark departure from every other state and province on the continent, one of the world’s hottest new vodka brands has been banned from Ontario stores."

 How absolut the knave is!

"“I like it, it kind of makes the product more appealing in my view,” Mr. Aykroyd told [Reporter Beppi Crosariol] over the phone last week from Texas."

 Go, get thee to Yaughan: fetch me a stoup of liquor.

"...from Texas..." where Akroyd was busy signing the Hamlet-esque portrait of Nick contemplating a bottle of the stuff!

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy!

Here's a video of the Twin Liquors event, fun for Akroyd fans as well as Austinites.  And the full text of this passage from Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" can be found here. It's pretty funny reading!


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