Monday, May 3, 2010

An Immigrant Speaks to the Tucson City Council

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Gabriella addresses the City Council of Tucson, AZ, April 27, 2010, at a meeting to hear a motion by one of the Council members to file a lawsuit against the State of Arizona for supporting the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law through passage of SB1070.
Although the Council did not plan or take action that evening, the public was allowed to speak only after the Council had met in closed session with the lawyer they had invited to advise them about the city's options in the matter.

Gabriella says she immigrated to the United States legally in 1986, learned English, and became a citizen in 1991. She says that except for a couple of traffic violations, she has never broken the law.

Here are some excerpts from her inspiring speech:

"Because of this bill, law enforcement will have the freedom to enforce the laws of the Federal government."

"The lack of support from you, our elected officials, regarding this law is shameful. Law enforcement should be given every right to enforce the laws."

"You have been elected to oversee the city's business, not to become advocates for illegal immigration."

"I am not against immigration and neither is this bill. The United States is a sovereign country with laws and everyone should abide by them. Whether you are here visiting or plan to immigrate, there is a legal process to do so - just like I did and like the countless immigrants who came to this melting pot through Ellis Island."

"I have a question to you all. If I decide to rob a bank, all of you know that I would be breaking the law. Regardless if I lost my job and I needed the money to feed my family, I would be put in jail because I broke the law. Correct? I will be commiting a crime. So why, in anybody's mind, it is not illegal to break the immigration laws of this sovereign country?"

Thank you, Ma'am. Some of our greatest patriots, who understand how exceptional the United States of America really is, and the incalculable value of our historical rule of law and equal justice, are people who chose to become citizens. Thank you, Gabriella, for helping keep freedom alive by reminding those who stand in your place in government of their duties to uphold the law and take care of their own responsibilities.

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