Sunday, December 31, 2017

Iran, King Cyrus, and Donald John Trump

Before the election, Nov 5, 2016, there was a news report about protests in Iran, and I wrote about this in a post about the prophecies  seeing Donald John Trump as "the new Cyrus":...Iran was named Persia until very recently. This was the heart of King Cyrus's empire. ...This story points to advances made by now-Christian Russia's influence against Islamic theocracy. It portends well toward Mr Trump's foreign policy plans within that region.

"And essentially, it points ahead into a future of considerable brightness, with  hope for genuine liberty coming out of oppression once again. Not through meddlesome outsiders like Hillary Clinton making war, but through God's action in the world raising up peoples and new generations. "

Here's a portion of the 2016 news article, from Breitbart's Adelle Nazarian:
"According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), protesters chanted, “Iran is our country, Cyrus is our father” and “clerical rule is synonymous with only tyranny, only war.” The protesters also reportedly chanted, “freedom of thought cannot take place with beards,” a reference to the theocratic leaders currently in power.
"Many Iranians consider King Cyrus the father of international human rights, citing the discovery of the Cyrus Cylinder around 559 B.C. — the first known charter of human rights. In 1971, the Shah of Iran’s twin sister, the late Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, presented the United Nations with a replica of the Cyrus Cylinder, which is kept at the U.N.’s New York headquarters and is promoted as “an ancient declaration of human rights.”
"Pooya Dayanim, President of the Iranian Jewish Public Affairs Committee (IJPAC), told Breitbart News that the rally was an indication that “the generation that was born after the revolution of 1979 feels as if their parents made a mistake and destroyed their hope and future.” Dayanim added,  “They consider themselves a burnt generation, just like the generation in America that has been living in their parents’ garages and basements and are either unemployed or underemployed.”
"Dayanim said that ... “getting in touch with their rich Iranian heritage from the pre-Islamic era is one of the only sources of pride they have. What happened today is a sign of them embracing Iran when it was a strong and powerful and respected State, versus the government that they have now which has turned Iran into a pariah and has destroyed their hopes, dreams, aspirations and future.”    ~ Breitbart
That was 14 months ago. Now, new riots have broken out, and Iran's government is cracking down. President Trump has already spoken his support for the protesters and for liberty in Iran.

For those who do not know what Iran was like before the 1970s Islamic take-over, it was a modern nation, and an  American ally. Many Iranians who supported overthrowing the Shah later regretted the revolution, as the new Islamist regime become increasingly oppressive.

Please continue in prayer to our Father God in the name of Jesus, for the people of Iran to  overcome their oppressors and restore their nation, on their own and peacefully, as we are restoring our America.  MAGA!

12/31/17 UPDATE: Instapundit quotes the Wall Street Journal, noting that the current Iranian protests are not exactly all about the "economy", despite what the Fake News are saying:
"In a number of cities, demonstrators have expressed nostalgia for the last monarchical rulers of Iran, the Pahlavi dynasty, by evoking the name of its founder Reza Shah. Many Iranians consider Reza Shah to be the father of modern Iran and his era is associated with a time of economic prosperity. . . .
"Here are some slogans being chanted at the protests, translated into English:
“We don’t want an Islamic Republic, we don’t want it, we don’t want it.”
“They are using Islam as an excuse to drive people crazy.”
“Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic.”
“Reformists, hard-liners, Game is over.”
“We are all Iranians, we don’t accept Arabs.”
“We are getting poor and clerics are driving fancy cars.”
“Reza Shah, Rest in Peace.”
“We will die but we will take Iran back.”
“Come out to the streets Iranians, shout for your rights.”
“Death to the Revolutionary Guards.”

As they say over at Glenn Reynolds' blog, "read it all"...


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