Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm In!! Anne Graham Lotz Sends An Urgent Call To Prayer

We received this from our fellow Christians, Bill and Peggy Joyce Ruth. You may have heard of Peggy Joyce, as the author of  Psalm 91: God's Umbrella of Protection.   They asked:

"Our nation is in such extreme need to come back to God. It is alarming to see how our leaders are throwing away everything that is near and dear -- everything that our forefathers fought so hard to accomplish. Anne Graham-Lotz wrote the letter below calling us as Christians to join together July 1-7 to pray together and then to fast together on the 7th. She has included a suggested prayer. God has said, "If My People who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray...."  I believe this is our only hope. I am asking you to send this to the ones of your contact groups who will join in this desperate need.   "


Jack and Peggy Joyce Ruth

Click to read the details:

URGENT CALL TO PRAYER • AnGeL Ministries • Anne Graham Lotz

I'm in!  Take the time to pray. Bring your self back to God in Christ. He will set you free to an amazing new life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tomato Vines Loaded with Green Fruit: Heirloom "Costoluto Genovese"

I have only picked a couple of ripe tomatoes so far, but the vines are all full of green fruit. This variety I grew from seed that I bought from Park Seed. They are called "Costoluto Genovese", an Italian heirloom tomato that is supposed have an intense flavor that makes them good for canning and sauce. I love the lobed shapes on these! 

I planted many different varieties, and in the first planting I had a nice chart of which were where. But after they all froze to death and I had to scurry to replant, I didn't track placement. So until they ripen, it is hard to tell which is which. These Genovese ones are unmistakeable though. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mid June Garden Update: Chard, Squash, Onion Braids, and Waiting For Tomatoes!

I think the rumors that this is finally an El Nino year may prove true. God has been watering my garden every week for about a month now - including one eight inch gully washer that really DID wash a gully into our driveway - washing the gravel down onto the side of the street with the force of the runoff. I need to go shovel the gravel back into place.

It was so COLD this year! Every time we thought winter was over we would have a cold snap! I think the temperatures slowed everything down. Many things kind of just sat there, waiting. Then the past couple of weeks, things have started happening. I've been gathering Swiss Chard for about a month, baby beets with their tops on for a couple of weeks, and yellow squash all this past week. Just picked the first cucumbers today.  The grasshoppers have arrived and we are having to share with them, but they are not the plague they have been the past two years. The Deer Fencing WORKS and deer have not entered my garden since I hung the mylar on it!

My onions are finished for the year. Have I mentioned that I really LOVE growing onions. You can plant them during that cabin-fever time when it seems like spring will never get here, freezes don't hurt them.
They mostly take care of themselves, and when they are ready to be picked their tops just fall over one night. They are easy to gather and store for a long time.

This year, I planted late so a lot of mine were small.  I braided the large ones to hang for storage, and tied little net bags for the small ones. If I can raise enough onions next year, maybe I can demonstrate how to make the braids at the farmer's market.

So far, so good on my tomato plants. The vines all have green fruit on them but none ready to pick yet. It was about 3 weeks ago when I saw the first baby tomato, and over time each other plant has developed fruit.  I have lost 3 plants to an odd ailment in which the  leaves curl up lengthwise and feel hard and leathery. The plants continue to flower and even put on some fruit but they seem to dehydrate from the inside out and gradually shrink in on themselves. There are no yellow or brown spots. Everyone else I have talked to around here has mentioned this happening to their tomato plants too. From what I have read, it may have something to do with the cold nights and hot days. I have fertilized them twice since planting.

The Eggplant is starting to set fruit and there will be peppers to pick soon (peppers are another thing I really enjoy growing, but I only planted two kinds this year). Only one melon plant came up so hopefully it will bear a few cantaloupes for us.  I need to plant black eyed peas and some more beets.

All my jars are washed, and I bought more Food Saver material rolls for freezing.  Ready to start preserving any day now.  I have already made one batch of purple plum jam, and hope to go next week to pick peaches at a Pick Your Own nearby - look over on my right sidebar for a widget to a great site for finding U-Pic farms and orchards in your area.

Now if those tomatoes will just hurry up and ripen!!! :-)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

US Embassy in Baghdad Surrounded: "Too Late Alamo"; Obama Golfs, Takes Selfies with Costumed American Indians

06/17/14 UPDATE:  Susy Raybon reports "Special Forces troops at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad" but notes that, even though her source reports these troops were cleared for entry to the compound, there is no confirmation whether these are American or Iranian.  Click through the link to read her entire article.

06/15/14 Original Post:

The Examiner is reporting that the American Embassy in Baghdad is surrounded, and phone and internet communication has been cut off.  The article says, in part:
"A three word text was released from inside the Embassy about six hours ago: “Too late Alamo.” That message is open to interpretation.
"Examiner's Note: This Examiner has personal contacts within the walls of the embassy. Those contacts will remain anonymous for their own safety. More information as I am able to get through"
Please go to The Examiner to read the full story. Susy Raybon is reporting.

At yesterday's protest in Anaheim, both Iraqi and Egyptian Christians showed up in their own protest: they are also calling for President Obama to resign.

Meanwhile, the American President enjoys a long weekend vacation, of golf in Palm Springs, playground of another, kinder, gentler, Rat Pack.

He and Michelle also stopped in to watch an American Indian Flag Day Pow-wow in North Dakota - his first visit to "Indian Country". He bemoaned high unemployment, and proclaimed that: "'Every American, including every Native American, deserves the chance to work hard and get ahead,' the President said, adding that young people should be able to live, work and raise a family on the land of their fathers and mothers."  I  SWEAR. That is a direct quote from the UK Daily Mail.

 850 people live on the 2.3 million acre reservation he visited. Perhaps he plans to employ them in warehousing the armies of his Illegal Alien Children's Crusade until he can figure out a way to give California back to Mexico.  If I were a member of this band of Sioux, I would start building a defensive fence as soon as his shiny black fleet of roaring automobiles leaves.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

APIII% Peaceful Rally Against Release of Terrorist Leaders - Anaheim on Saturday 6/14

The American Patriots III%  (or the AP3%) is holding a peaceful rally this Saturday at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  These guys have been awesome in supporting Ethan's protest (America's One Voice), and we appreciate their carrying it forward. In particular, Andrew Wark, who carried his sign last Saturday in front of Camp Pendleton, has organized this protest in Anaheim. We salute you Mr Wark!

If you are nearby, this is a good time to Stand Up. Keep cool but use your right to speak out. Support our Military, both active and veterans, and let other Americans know they are not alone in being outraged about the illegal release of five enemy generals, including two mass murderers, during wartime.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ethan's Protest Grows Legs - and Boots On The Ground: No Negotiation With Terrorists!

WTOC-TV: Savannah, Beaufort, SC, News, Weather

This is a pretty moving interview. Ethan has been a staunch and reliable friend to his Gold Star families, and in fact recently returned from visiting with a couple of them while on vacation. He has traveled to speak at memorial dedications, and holds these people in his heart, loving them and honoring his brothers' memory. So this is "the real Ethan" when he speaks about those mothers and dads.

Ethan Arguello continued to stand and protest this morning, back in his normal place on the road at Bluffton today. A nearby business has been encouraging him and is happy with his presence. He is averaging about 11 "honks" a minute, which is pretty strong. The American Patriot 3% are still standing up as well.

Another man joined the protest today, standing outside the gate at the front of Camp Pendleton, and he plans to spend his next Saturday standing up for what is right.

A third man posted to the America's One Voice Facebook page that he and his group protested today as well, and had a strong positive reception.

The story continues to get picked up by additional media.  Weasel Zippers did a good, well-balanced story:
Marine Confronts Protester Against Bergdahl Swap at Parris Island

The full text of the Live 5 News story, with a good quote from Matthew Leber of the AP3%,  is here: Former Marine protests soldier swap

Business Insider has two versions of the story, both of which note the reason for the protest, and the longer one links directly to Ethan's personal Facebook page:
Top Marine In Charge Of The Marine Corps' Boot Camp Accused Of Assaulting A Protester

The San Jose Mercury News put the story on their "California News Today" page: Video: Parris Island Sgt. Major scraps with former Marine protesting prisoner … – BizPac Review

Free Republic posted the story yesterday (come on guys, please give the focus to the protest!), and the comment thread is still hopping today:
Parris Island senior Sergeant Major assaults former Drill Instructor

The destination site Conservative Voices featured the video today:
Video: Parris Island Sgt. Major scraps with former Marine protesting prisoner swap outside base

We are all focused on moving back to the real news - which is that the release of enemy leaders during ongoing hostility is unacceptable and should not happen again. We want RESCUE, no ransom of captives.
This is why men and women, including my son Ethan Arguello, are standing up, alone if necessary, around the country, holding signs in peaceful but firm protest.

Please consider taking part. Make a sign and Hold it up. Ethan's sign says  "Americans Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists".  What will your sign say?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ethan's Lone Protest Spreads: Camp Pendleton SATURDAY AM June 7, 2014. Will You Let This Man Stand Alone For What Is Right?

This is a quick post to get the info out onto the net. I will update about the protests and media coverage frequently - please check back, as Google doesn't seem to index changes to post titles. UPDATES at bottom of the post...

Will you stand alone for what is right? You don't need a group, or a plan, or permission. You just need a sign, and the courage to stand. For an hour or a day. Whatever YOU have. Stand.

FIRST: There will be a Lone Protester outside Camp Pendleton's front gate tomorrow morning Saturday 6/7/14 at 0900. Will you let this man stand alone?  Bring your own sign and water. Come stand up for what is right. Stand up for an America that rescues captives and does not pay ransom or tribute - or unlawfully release enemy leaders to return to the field.

If you are on Facebook, please join Ethan's group "America's One Voice" to track the latest developments in real time. Since he opened the group yesterday, it now has 277 members and is growing.

Second, here are some of the news reports of Ethan Arguello's protest.  A massive debt of thanks goes out to Mathew Leber of  American Patriot The III% South Carolina Chapter , who showed up to stand with Ethan, filmed the event (thank heaven, because he caught the altercation when the Sgt Major took Ethan's cover and left with it) and then delivered the footage to local area media this morning.

This one is from Ethan's home area in west Texas, Midland / Odessa's NewsWest 9:
"Soldier Swap for Taliban Members Has Midland Veteran Protesting on East Coast Every Morning"
  There is video and a written story at the link.

This one is from the Savannah GA channel WTOC. The title is misleading as it was not Ethan who "got into an altercation" but see the footage and read the story:

A video report from WTOC:
Former Marine protests soldier swaps

And here is WTOC's story from the Sgt Major's bond hearing on the assault and battery charge:
I am sorry for that. The Sgt Major lost his temper - failing to recognize Ethan's peaceful act was standing up for HIM as well as all other active duty -  and did something he should not have done. Ethan had to stand up for himself and for free speech, but I hope this part of this episode will be quickly forgotten. 

UPDATE:   Good opinion piece about this on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children:
Parris Island senior Sergeant Major assaults former Drill Instructor

UPDATE 6/6 9:46 PM  Ethan's Lone Protest was picked up by Nashville TN station WSMV TV :
Former Marine protests soldier swap

UPDATE 6/6 10:18 PM  WTOC's original story was picked up by online version of Fox5 affiliate KVVU Las Vegas NV:  Former Marine gets into altercation while protesting outside of Parris Island

Monday, June 2, 2014

UPDATED: An American Son, An American Sign: Standing Up Against Negotiating With Terrorists

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."                                                                                                                                 ~ Edmund Burke.

UPDATE 6/4/14  -  A group of Vets from the American Patriots III% (AP3%) and friends are planning to join Ethan in a protest at 5:00 pm Thursday, June 5th, outside the gate at the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. See Facebook Group "America's One Voice" for more details.
Original Post: When I first heard that Bowe Bergdahl had been released, I was really happy. I was very uneasy to learn that he had been traded for five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Prison. Then, my son Ethan filled me in on some of the facts, and I understood that this is not a time to rejoice.  (Pat at SIGIS has a roundup of info on the troubling details)

Ethan Arguello is a former Marine, a veteran who served in Iraq. I have written before about him, and his brothers in arms who were killed in support of liberty there.

Ethan sees this trade, this ransom, as a betrayal of our military, of the good men and women who gave their lives and their bodies for America, and of the Gold Star families we honor for the terrible sacrifices of loss they live with every day.

So for the past two days, and continuing for the rest of this week, Ethan is standing out on the road holding a sign, protesting against abandoning our 200 year old policy against ransom. His hand lettered sign reads "AMERICANS Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists".

Here is what he told me about it:
"Mother, to be honest with you, I'm angered by this just as much as I am and was with my fellow Marines deaths. I'm mourning for every Gold Star parent, the fact that we captured their child's killers then released them is disgusting.  Most of my hurt in my heart is for the parents (Gold Star) of the brave ones that step up to protect others."

Later on, he added this:  "I will continue to be an American in accordance with our Constitution and the ideals of our founding fathers.  Even though Americans are becoming non American, I will continue.  I believe in the enabling of every deserving person to succeed in every effort that they shall embark on.  If they are productive members of society, they will represent the the average hard working American that pulled their own weight and managed their own responsibilities as done before in history.  "

If you happen to be driving along Highway 278 in Bluffton, South Carolina, look for him there.

He said he is getting great support, lots of honks and people yelling their approval. Thank you to the nice lady who brought him a bottle of cold water! People are glad to know they are not the only ones angry about this  - and people who didn't know the hard truth (like me at first), are becoming angry when they find out what has really happened here.

And some pics taken from cars are starting to show up on Facebook and Instagram, with great comments, so he is getting a little "viral" coverage.

There isn't a lot one man can do in the face of something like this. But there is always something. And Ethan is Doing Something on his own, without waiting on anyone else. He is standing up for what he believes, not hanging about to see if anyone else is willing to stand with him.

And that is the kind of courage that makes America, America.

My sons are all three very fine men, and they continually amaze and impress me. Pride in my children is something they have earned by their own actions and lives. Every once in a while, they will each do something that takes my breath away. And that is how I feel right now.

I'm very proud of my American Son today.


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