Friday, February 26, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: British Mystery: BBC America, PBS and Netflix

- Does anyone else love the Foyle's War series, available through Netflix? Am I the only one who always thinks of the young Queen-to-be Elizabeth when his driver is on screen? What great casting, good acting, and fine stories, all around wonderful production. The BBC at its best.

- Who is watching BBC America these days? They seem to have discontinued every show that would be remotely interesting to fans of British TV. I get more interestng British programming on RFD Channel. Who hasn't seen all the reruns of How Clean is Your House and Gordon Ramsey's Restaurant Makeovers (the old ones that didn't require a bleep every third word) a dozen times? Top Gear is fun, but it still doesn't keep me on the BBCA for more than an hour a week.

- If you liked Inspector Morse, you will probably really enjoy Inspector Lewis. Lewis is as good as ever, and his seargent is as well cast for him as Lewis was for Morse. Aired on PBS Mystery in August, but also available from Netflix.

- Another new favorite is The Last Detective, a classic underappreciated brilliant detective and other quirky characters starring the guy who played Tristam in the old All Creatures Great and Small series.

- We switched satellite providers and have a PBS channel for the first time in years. Sure is nice to have Masterpiece Theater again, even if they are sporatic about it. I'm enjoying getting to see Nova again too.

- I can't get enough of 1940s House, and have rented it again and again from Netflix. It puts the rest of the "Period House" series to shame (Although Manor House was reasonably true to intention, and there was at least minor privation in Frontier House).

If this sounds like I watch a lot of tv, it's more that I watch in spurts, and I multitask while it is on. Nothing sets up a mood for accomplishment like British accents in the background. :-)

I've been meaning to join in Conversion Diary's "7 Quick Takes Friday" for ages. It's always interesting, and lots of great participants!

Update: I've since discovered even more fabulous British TV and British Mysteries, and posted about them here.


  1. Hi Tina,We loved Foyle's War. We were disappointed when we ran out. We have Netflix and we looked up Michael Kitchen for more of what he has done and we found one called Railway Children
    It is really a sweet sweet story with very little of Michael Kitchen though. Joann

  2. Hi Joann,

    Oh I liked Railway Children too - it also starred John Thaw, of Morse, didn't it? I did not like the commentary that was inserted by the series host, though. If I rent it for the grandkids I will have to explain that they need to read original history books I guess. :-)

    Thanks so much for commenting, and have a blessed Sunday :-)




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