Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whom Would Jesus Sell into Debt Slavery?

Via The Kraalspace's (linked from my sidebar) own sidebar link to The Bovina Bloviator, who blogs about "Charity and Debt", this article by Dr. Timothy Dalrymple, who crystalizes the Washington Debt as immoral, and introduces Christians For A Sustainable Economy in his article "Whom Would Jesus Indebt?"

I haven't taken time this morning to research Dr Dalrymple or his group, but the points he makes here are crucial to understanding why the misplaced priorities in  social spending endanger the poor more than anyone. Excerpts (emphasis added):

"One of the gravest dangers of the Budget Control Act passed yesterday is that it could provide Americans with a false sense of security.  ...Not only are we deep in the dark heart of the forest, but we’re still walking in the wrong direction.  The pace may have slowed, but the trajectory has not.  The immediate cash-flow crisis has passed, but the long-term solvency crisis remains.

"We are still borrowing enormous amounts of money, still selling our children into debt slavery through our own spending insanity. ...

 "Too many anti-poverty programs are beneficial for the politicians that pass them, and veritable boondoggles for the government bureaucracy that administers them, but they actually serve to rob the poor of their dignity and their initiative, they undermine the family structures that help the poor build prosperous lives, and ultimately mire the poor in poverty for generations.  Does anyone actually believe that the welfare state has served the poor well?

"It is immoral to ignore the needs of the least of these.  But it’s also immoral to ’serve’ the poor in ways that only make more people poor, and trap them in poverty longer.  And it’s immoral to amass a mountain of debt that we will pass on to later generations.  I even believe it’s immoral to feed the government’s spending addiction....."

Go here and read it all.

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  1. Right on. You might want to check out, the guy is a Jewish/Christian Orthodox Rabbi and he is saying all the right stuff too.



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