Monday, January 28, 2019

Feminism is Doomed

The lynch mob against Nick Sandemann and the Covington High students was fostered and led, in great part, by toxic feminism. Just like every other thing the Left does, they accuse their prey of whatever they themselves are, or are doing, or are planning. We all know people who do that. The thief who puts herself in charge of the office entertainment fund, the philanderer who persistently accuses their spouse of having affairs. Feminism has gone so far into insanity that their unhinged shrieks make sane people reconsider the original, ancient definition of "hysteria".

 And Feminism is not long for this world, one way or the other.

Bill Quick, as he often does, gets to the true heart of the matter in "The Balance of Force Is…Unfavorable":

".... Feminism is an artifact of male chivalry, itself an artifact of western European civilization, just as the myth of Ghandi’s non-violence as being irresistible, flounders and falls in the face of the observation that Ghandi’s rebellion, had he tried to carry it out against Stalin, would have lasted precisely as long as it took Stalin to find and murder him – ie., about an hour. In other words, non-violence and feminism are both successful only so far, and for as long, as their opponents permit them to be. 

"All we need to do to estimate the real-world strength of feminism (of the feminazi variety) is to examine non-western, non-chivalrous cultures – say, the entire Islamic world. Try to imagine the cartoon I put at the head of this piece occurring in, oh, Saudi Arabia. It can’t happen, because of the dirty little secret that underlies all such physical feminism – it’s a lie. Beneath the thin veneer of a few hundred years of deliberate custom likes the ancient world of pure force, the force for which men are much better suited by their own genetic heritage than are women."

As Glenn Reynolds (who is quoted in the article) likes to say: "Go read the whole thing".

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